For more than 20 years, BEST FRANCE has been providing solutions tailored to specialists in asbestos removal as well as industries and companies involved in building management that are facing asbestos or lead risks.

With operational experience at a asbestos in SS3, the BEST France teams work on:

The sale of equipment for personal and collective protection.

The sale of equipment, tools and advice on your installation throughout the entire intervention process, allowing us to ensure the safety of the operators and the environment they are in.

The sale of consumables for containment zones that are safe and simple to implement.

The rental of the equipment necessary for the cleanup sites.

Equipment maintenance of the collective protection equipment and breathing apparatus.

Our growth and leadership position is the result of our partnership with you:

To help & support your development, our team have set up solid & leading plans of action.

Maintenance centers and commercial agencies in Lille-Douai, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, and coming soon in Rennes. We have created a network f location proximity that offers accurate & timely responses to your needs..

Specific trucks dedicated to the maintenance of your masks and fit-tests on site.

With 1,500 references in stock that brings you the best rate of service.

We have our own equipment production lines in France..

The ability to adapt our offer to specific requests.

Training of your teams to understanding & implementing our equipment.

All of our equipments comply with the French regulations force.

You are 2,000 companies in sub-section 3 and sub-section 4 to be part of our regular customers in mainland France and DOM-TOM, in Belgium but also in Switzerland via our subsidiary Best Switzerland. Finally, Best, in its developmental logic, continues its expansion to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. We are happy to offer you this new site that we wanted to be friendly, more transparent and closer to you.
Thank you for your confidence.