In order to better serve you or your company, BEST France is pleased to present its financing solution through our financial partner: leasing with option to purchase.
This innovative product is offered to meet your expectations in terms of investment, profitability and monitoring of your equipment.

The following equipment can be financed through Best France:

• Vacuum cleaners

• Terminals

• Decontamination caravans

• Compressors

• Controllers of depression

• Extractors

• Fit test

• Sanders and grinding machines


• Heating and filtration units

• Air tanks

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Advantages of the L.O.P

• You invest while preserving your capital: no cash outflow or VAT advance because it is distributed over all leasing.

• The use of your equipment immediately while paying for it as you go.

• You choose the duration (from 13 to 60 months) and the leasing payments, taken monthly or quarterly, are fully deductible from your result.

• You benefit from unique and exclusive advantages:
– Extended warranty *
– On-site or on-site maintenance *
– Refund of the replacement value of your equipment or replacement in the event of loss, theft or breakdown *

• Speed: you will receive an agreement in principle within 48 hours. (Subject to a funding agreement from our partner organization).

• BEST takes care of all formalities and keeps track of your files by planning and informing you of mandatory maintenance on your equipment.

• At the end of the lease, you can pay the surrender value and become the owner.

• Simplifying your payment process: you only have point of contact, BEST.