In order to progress together and protect all staff, BEST France thanks you for strictly adhering to the operating protocol for the return of any equipment.

Our technicians

The consumable (bags, prefilters, filter foams, water filters) and accessories (clarinets, breathing tubes, vacuum cleaner) can not be returned to us.

The exterior of the equipment must be clean.

Air extractors:
– The machine must be perfectly secured inside the truck. If it has not been placed on a pallet, brake wheels must be in place and are provided for this purpose.
– The transportation cover must be taped all over its contour and the outlet nozzle must be blocked with polyethylene film and tape.
– The extractor must be wrapped with stretch film.

Vacuum cleaners:
These devices, for safety during transport, must be contained in sealed packaging. We recommend packaging in 2 bags labeled Asbestos and closed with adhesive. The big vacuum cleaners will be filmed tightly and labeled Asbestos.

PPE are usually returned by package. It is imperative that the contents be visibly indicated outside of the package and that an Asbestos label be apparent on the package. In order to ensure a proper traceability of the maintenance, make sure to place each PPE individually in the bag or the container.

Measuring & Control Devices:
– Vacuum controllers, auto switches and telephone transmitters are not be packed with contaminated equipment.
– Decontamination locks: They must be properly washed and packaged in order to avoid breakage during transportation.
– The SAFETRIP impregnation system: Hoses and needles are consumables and are NOT to be returned.

Procedures applicable to any unsecured return

If the return is made by a member of your staff:
– Film and adhesive will be made available so that the contents of the return is correctly packed before taking care of it.
– If the general condition is altered (dirty material on the outside), we will refuse The return.

If the return is made by a transport company:
– We will unload and film the material.
– If necessary, we will clean the truck at your expense.
– Your BEST France sales representative will advise you of the return conditions and the resulting costs in writing.
– In case of reoccuring returns, our security advisor will advise your management and your security advisor.

– In the event of an accident or serious incident (eg loss of product) with accordance of Article 7 of the TDG (Transport of Dangerous Goods) and 1.8.5 ADR, within two months accident, an accident report (model prescribed in must be sent by each of the companies involved in the accident to the Dangerous Goods Transport Mission (North Ark – 92 055 La Défense cedex).